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Many people have funds that are not being reviewed on a regular basis and the growth can be severely hampered by poor investment performance and high charges. Our research will identify any changes needed to improve performance with fairer charges.

Retirement Planning

On average, you can expect to live between 20 to 30 years at the end of your normal working life. Quite simply, the more you have in your personal pension funds the more income you’ll have in the future. It’s all about the lifestyle that you want when you stop working.

Plan Ahead

It’s not too difficult to estimate how much you’ll need to have in your pension funds if you know the income levels you’d like. Nor is it difficult to estimate your likely income based upon your current plans. Our advisers will carry out that analysis for you as part of our initial research. Once you know where you are its easier to plan ahead.

Withdrawing your money tax efficiently

Rules allow that 25% of your fund at retirement can be taken as tax free cash with any further withdrawals taxed as income at your marginal (highest) tax rate. Income can also be achieved by an annuity which offers a guaranteed known income for life in exchange for the value of your fund or by drawdown where your fund remains invested and will last until the fund runs dry. Each has their advantages and disadvantages according to your personal situation. Care is needed to ensure that your money does what you need it to do in the most tax efficient way possible.

Enhanced Annuities or Impaired Life Annuity

Special enhanced rates are available for smokers and those with a lower life expectancy. It’s important that we obtain quotes to match your personal lifestyle and medical history. It can make a huge difference to your income levels.

The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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