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    Dec 14

    Pension tax charge abolished sooner rather than later

    New rules will simplify the existing regime from April 2015 The Chancellor, George Osborne, has brought forward the expected announcement on the tax charge that applies to certain individuals' pensions on their death. The new rules will simplify the existing regime and come into force from April 2015, abolishing the 55% tax that applies to untouched defined contribution pension pots of people aged 75 or over, and to pensions from which money has already been withdrawn. Drawing pension money </stron...


    Oct 14

    A new-look NISA way to save and invest

    Have you taken advantage of your larger tax-efficient allowance? The new Individual Savings Account (ISA) rules were introduced in July, giving savers and investors more flexibility and a larger tax-efficient allowance than ever before. Four out of ...


    Sep 14

    Do you know your Inheritance Tax numbers?

    How to UNLOCK your assets from unnecessary tax £325,000The first £325,000 value of your estate is called the 'Nil Rate Band' because although it is taxable to Inheritance Tax (IHT), it is taxed at 0% (tax year 2014/15). <...


    Sep 14

    Save smart and make your existing money grow

    5 tips to help you be more confident about your financial future 1 Always have some money that you can access easily and quickly for emergencies, before looking to invest for the longer term. It's reassuring to know you've got money set aside to cov...