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    Dec 14

    Full nest households

    The financial pressure on parents providing board to their adult offspring Parents with adult children living under their roof are spending £1,200* more than their Empty Nester counterparts each year on everyday household expenditure, bringing the t...


    Dec 14

    Saving for a rainy day

    Fewer people are putting money away despite improvements to the economy The gap between the fortunes of savers and non-savers continues to widen, and research supports these findings[1]. 'Habitual savers' continue to put away more for a rainy day, b...


    Nov 14

    Care fees burden

    It's a fact THAT more of us will require specialist care in our later years Today, the cost of care is a major concern for many people, with the average level of pension savings unlikely to be enough to cover any long-term care requirements in addit...


    Nov 14

    Safeguarding your family's lifestyle

    The numbers show a significant protection gap exists for families in the UK We all want to safeguard our family's lifestyle in case the worst should happen. But only a quarter (24%) of adults in the UK with children under 16 have any form of financi...