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    Dec 14

    Offsetting the negative effects of inflation

    Why more people are retaining exposure to stocks and shares New research[1] suggests that UK adults are planning to use equity investments to help them outstrip inflation and manage the rising cost of living. Over half (53%) of UK adults rate the ri...


    Dec 14

    Retiring in good health

    How new pension fund rules could increase life expectancy With the news that the tax charge on pension funds will be removed before age 75, some commentators have suggested that over 90% of people retiring in good health should expect to live beyond...


    Dec 14

    Pension tax charge abolished sooner rather than later

    New rules will simplify the existing regime from April 2015 The Chancellor, George Osborne, has brought forward the expected announcement on the tax charge that applies to certain individuals' pensions on their death. The new rules will simplify the existing regime and come into force from April 2015, abolishing the 55% tax that applies to untouched defined contribution pension pots of people aged 75 or over, and to pensions from which money has already been withdrawn. Drawing pension money </stron...


    Nov 14

    Care fees burden

    It's a fact THAT more of us will require specialist care in our later years Today, the cost of care is a major concern for many people, with the average level of pension savings unlikely to be enough to cover any long-term care requirements in addit...