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    Dec 14

    Retiring in good health

    How new pension fund rules could increase life expectancy With the news that the tax charge on pension funds will be removed before age 75, some commentators have suggested that over 90% of people retiring in good health should expect to live beyond...


    Oct 14

    Clever retirement strategies

    How to influence the income you'll receive in your retirement On 10 July this year, the Office for Budget Responsibility warned that many of us might not be eligible for a State Pension until we reach the age of 70. That's the minimum age AT WHICH t...


    Jul 14

    Working past the default retirement age

    Adapting to changes in working patterns More than half of over-55s currently in the workforce are happy to work past the default retirement age of 65, according to new research from MetLife[1]. Its nationwide study found 54% of those aged 55...


    Jul 14

    First-time parents

    Preparing for the arrival of your first baby First-time UK parents spend more than £492 million[1] each year preparing for the arrival of their first baby, according to research from Aviva. This equates to £1,619 per family and shows a 17% increase to the £1,389 total in March 2012[1]. Essential purchasesThe new study of 2,000 recent parents found that this is the average amount spent on baby essentials such as prams, baby clothes, cots, car seats and nappies, as well as other nice-t...