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    Dec 14

    Full nest households

    The financial pressure on parents providing board to their adult offspring Parents with adult children living under their roof are spending £1,200* more than their Empty Nester counterparts each year on everyday household expenditure, bringing the t...


    Oct 14

    The hidden cost of divorce

    UK couples are spending more than £44,000 on average when they divorce or separate Achieving a fair resolution of all the financial issues surrounding divorce or the dissolution of a registered civil partnership can be highly stressful. Alongside wanting to resolve these effectively and affordably you may also be worrying about how you will achieve the fairest division of your family assets, how to deal with any requirements for continuing support or perhaps even how you will manage to make ends meet in the future...


    Jun 14

    'Save smart'

    Focused on managing costs We're becoming increasingly good when it comes to cost cutting, according to the latest findings of an annual online survey from long-term savings and investment specialist Standard Life by YouGov PLC. Today, more t...


    Mar 14

    The 8 Things You Should Consider About Income in Retirement

    • 31 March, 2014
    • Tim Mather
    • cost 

    Long before you approach retirement, you need to consider how you will provide income during your later years.  What provisions have you put in place for income during your retirement?  Below are eight things that you should consider regarding income in retirement. ONE:  The standard of living you experience during retirement is dependent upon the provisions that you make for yourself before you reach your retirement time.  Early planning and preparation for retirement can begin at any age. ...