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    Oct 14

    Pension decluttering

    Have you considered tidying up your arrangements? It would appear we are now increasingly becoming a 'consolidation nation', with many people combining their different contracts and services to make them easier to manage. It's a growing trend, and new innovations are coming into the market all the time to tempt consumers. The recent launch of 'quad-play packages', which now combines mobile, home phone, broadband and TV, are a good example. Making it easier Research from YouGov has fo...


    Oct 14

    Clever retirement strategies

    How to influence the income you'll receive in your retirement On 10 July this year, the Office for Budget Responsibility warned that many of us might not be eligible for a State Pension until we reach the age of 70. That's the minimum age AT WHICH t...


    Aug 14

    Get your finances in shape this summer

    Review our financial fitness checklist to see how we can help you make more of your money Utilise personal pension tax relief When you contribute to a registered pension scheme, you automatically receive basic rate tax relief on your contributions. Your personal pension tax relief depends on your circumstances. These are the current UK pension tax relief rules for the 2014/15 tax year, so don't miss out. Non-taxpayers – Non-taxpayers receive basic rate tax reli...


    Jul 14

    Spending on luxuries in retirement

    The reality of living on a pension is taking new retirees by surprise The reality of living on a pension is taking new retirees by surprise, with many under-budgeting their first five years of retirement and overspending by an average of £6,500, acc...