Oct 14

    The hidden cost of divorce

    UK couples are spending more than £44,000 on average when they divorce or separate Achieving a fair resolution of all the financial issues surrounding divorce or the dissolution of a registered civil partnership can be highly stressful. Alongside wanting to resolve these effectively and affordably you may also be worrying about how you will achieve the fairest division of your family assets, how to deal with any requirements for continuing support or perhaps even how you will manage to make ends meet in the future...


    Oct 14

    Europe's economic slowdown

    Is there room for any further disappointment? Europe has suffered a stream of destabilising news this year. Firstly, there was January's emerging markets crisis, which slowed the demand for European exports. Then there were EU parliamentary elections in May, which returned a large number of anti-establishment MEPs to Brussels and spurred David Cameron's attempt to block the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as EU president. In more recent months investors have also had to contend with fears of a Russian m...


    Oct 14

    The nation's favourite overseas retirement destinations

    Over 6 million UK adults plan to move abroad in later life An even splitIn total, over 6 million UK adults are planning to retire abroad, with an even split between Europe and the rest of the world. Of the estimated 3.2 millio...


    Oct 14

    Part-time pensioners

    Taking a more gradual approach to retirement The nature of retirement has changed – it is no longer a matter of leaving the workplace with a golden carriage clock and entering a quiet life of leisure. According to research from LV=, many peo...