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First of all we’ll take you through an online risk profiler to determine your attitude to risk on a scale of 1 to 10. We’ll then show you an expertly managed, low charge, investment portfolio designed to match your personal risk profile. You’ll be provided with a personalised investment report to show you what you can expect from your portfolio which can be downloaded and read at your leisure. All totally free of charge.


After having read your report, you can log back into the system at your convenience to apply online. Once you’ve made your investment you will have 24-7 online access to view your fund information or make any changes. It puts you in control. Of course, if you decide you need more guidance with the decision we’ll be available to help.


Although you can withdraw your money at any time with this type of platform you should be prepared to leave the money invested for a minimum of three years and preferably at least five years. The value of investments will fall at various times over the years as well as rise and this volatility is emphasised over shorter periods. If you wish to hold money for between one and three years there are deposit based options that we can help you with if you contact us.


The Hanson Online investment platform is aimed at those people who want a pooled investment such as a unit trust or stocks and shares ISA but don’t require independent financial advice.


Hanson Online is a collaboration between Hanson Financial Partners and Parmenion Investment Management designed to provide a simplified low cost advice service with excellent performance.